Protection of the human and the environment

Our organization is committed to two of the most universal values : the respect for life, and the respect for the environment. Thus, Cindynics are axiologically non-neutral : the respect for life and the environment are precisely the foundations of the Cindynics. In practice, Cindynics are intended to promote transformations guaranteeing the protection of the human and the environment.


When having to express statements about controversial situations, IFREI excludes partisan positions. The cindynic approach seeks to provide tools allowing the analysis of the different actors' perceptions and aspirations, and the reduction of the situation's propensities to degenerate into conflict.

Knowledge Dissemination

By its very raison d'être, one of the main goals of IFREI is the disseminating of knowledge allowing to prevent risks and conflicts. We disseminates our work as widely as possible, in particular under Creative Commons license.


Our approach is transdisciplinary and transcultural, and promotes diversity, non-conflictual differences, and cultural exchanges, particularly south-north exchanges.